Personal Social Media Reflection

Reflecting back in the last 10 weeks, I feel that I have a better understanding and furthered my knowledge with my networking, blogging and social media skills.  At the start of this term, I was focused in on the community and promoting of local events here in Eugene.

I was hesitant about blogging for 10 weeks.  The reason is that I couldn’t imagine talking about various topics. I do not find myself to be that interesting.  Overtime, my blog “Fresh Out Of Eugene” focused in on local events in Eugene and how Public Relations played a significant role in creating success for each event.  I incorporated not only twitter but also Facebook as well to create and build awareness of each of my posts for all my friends and followers on each platform.  My original intention for my blog “Fresh Out Of Eugene” was to create an event blog for the Eugene community.

Over the last 10 weeks and 15 posts later, I am proud to see my blog have a mixture of not only local event information, but also my opinion and views about PR articles I found important. All the events that I blogged about were covered in depth and provided my own personal thoughts.  I feel that my posts covered a wide variety of content that referenced the importance of Public Relations.  Engaging with my audience was crucial for the success of my blog and I feel that was an important part of building a strong reputation for myself.

I have learn to not only use social media to stay connected with friends and family, but also as a great tool for building an online reputation and relationships through strong social media content.  My first strategy was to listen and learn. I want to know what people have to say. I am not sure how well I did achieve this strategy seeing how I didn’t receive much feedback from my audiences.

For my second and third strategy, I am happy to say that I was able to create great content. I feel that a lot of “stuff” out there is just noise and fillers and the content I provided was useful, helpful and interesting. Great content means establishing a reputation. With the use of these strategies listed above, I hope that my event blog posts will connect with the Eugene community.

Over the last 10 weeks, one of my other social media goals was to begin creating and networking on Twitter.  I successfully followed 10 new twitter accounts relating to PR.  I felt it was important to compose new tweets linking to my blog and others with strong content.  I measure my success through the content I found and the increase and gain for personal knowledge to community and PR relations.

After reflecting back to my entire social media plan, I feel that overall I was able to successfully accomplished my goals. I know that my content was strong and knowledgeable.  I am pleased to have the opportunity in learning about the importance of blogging and how social media can help play a role in building my reputation.


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