9 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Career

The idea of social media was created for personal use but now has spiraled into a useful tool in connecting and networking with professionals.  Social media has shifted into a great way to develop your reputation as a PR professional.  As graduation approaches, there is a few thoughts to consider when students, like myself, start use social media professionally.

An article on mashable.com called 9 Ways Students Can Use Social Media to Boost Their Careers, written by Kate Brodock explains 9 essential tips that students can use social media for building their career.

1. Its Not The Same

Thinking about social media for professional purposes doesn’t mean you cannot use it for personal use.  It just allows you to be more personable and more approachable.  In my opinion, it allows your content to be more creditable and useful and creates less noise that all people are consumed with online.

2. Power In Connections

Networking through social media created endless ways to connect with a wide array of people.  Social media creates little effort to build circles and groups that are nurtured through interaction and conversations.

3. It can help you find a job

I have found social media to be a great way to find jobs or even internships.  In my past history, I was able to find out information from my advisor about a potential internship opportunity.  With a few simple tweets and follow ups, I was successfully able to receive all the necessary contact information and follow up with an interview.  Social media creates the ability to connect directly to the brands you love and keep your eyes peeled for potential jobs.

4.Learning is still good for you

By interacting with PR professionals, media outlets, or experts, you can deepen your own level of knowledge and be current with issues in your career field.

5. You Can’t Hide Behind The Curtain

Remember that having an online pressence means you can’t hide from the truth.  Make a mistake and it will be known by all.  Remember that you cannot be disrespectful towards people, or organizations.

6. Its Not Just About You

According to the author, “Constant self-promotion is always frowned upon in social media.  Keep most of your posts (I suggest at least 80%) to conversation, third-party, general comments and questions, and keep the sales pitches at a minimum. ” I couldn’t agree more with this statement because it is important to give your audiences the most value.

7.Strut your stuff

Showcase your knowledge and who you are.  Tweeting articles, blogging or commenting on others information will demonstrate your level of interest in the field.  Remember that online portfolios display your level of work and knowledge as well.

8. You will get the once-over

Its surprising to most people that others look at their social media to determine the type of person and attitudes they have about certain topics.  Employers can get a sneak peak of someone and determine if they are interested in what you bring to the table.  Clean up your Facebook posts, pictures and provide clean, streamlined content.

9. What you do now will pay off later

Think about what you want to accomplish with social media. Remember to position yourself in your industry, build strong credentials, and make yourself shine in the spotlight.


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