Destroying Your Twitter Reputation

Building a reputation as a PR professional on Twitter can have its benefits, but what if one tweet destroyed your image.  According to the article, 7 Ways to Destroy your Twitter Reputation, author Lauren Dugan explains how “you can spend weeks upon weeks carefully crafting your reputation on Twitter, only to see all your efforts demolished by a single tweet. It’s an uphill battle to make yourself into who you want to be 140-characters at a time, and all it takes is a single mistake to see all of that effort crumble.”  The single mistake can be made by these 4 reasons I feel to be crucial listed below.

1. Do not tweet while you’re drunk.

Tweeting while intoxicated creates a horrible image for you and perhaps the others around you.  You are more likely to to make embarrassing spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and get into heated twitter wars with your followers. These instances will not build your reputation.

2. Use an auto-responder

Do not spam people by sending robotic, generic messages to your followers. People will consider you a spammer.

3. Repeat your tweets and Sell, Sell, Sell

People do not care for seeing the same thing over and over, especially if they do not relate to it and doesn’t pertain any value.  Do not bombard people with noise.  Make sure as an online individual to provide quality in your posts. No one likes a pesky sales person at their front door or in their online social community.

4. Stealing other people’s tweet.

It is okay to retweet other posts you find interesting or valuable.  Though removing a RT from someone else’s tweet and claiming it as your own is a turn off for followers.  This is considered to be plagiarism.  Remember to provide attribution to any information that is not yours.


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