Optimize Your Social Media

Social media has become a major tool not only for communicating with a vast array of people, but now has turned into a major marketing and PR tool for many organizations.  But the question many organizations and their employees are asking is, how do you optimize and create a social media schedule that fits and connects to your target audience you are trying to reach?

The most important aspect to remember is making sure to create and execute a strategy.  According to author, Ashley Zeckman of the article Optimize Your Social Media Schedule: 4 Tips for Avoiding the Social Media Time Suck, “73% of marketers say finding the time to create content as their biggest marketing challenge. “

Social Media has evolved to allow people to focus in on what information they want to receive. But the major question is determining what are the better times to post to Twitter and Facebook to gain the most support by followers.  According to the article, the author explains that

  • 5pm in the evening is the best time to tweet and gain re-tweets.
  • Mid Week and weekends are the best days to tweet with consideration to noon and 6pm to gain high click through rates.

Now if we switch our direction towards Facebook, the best day to share is Saturday noon is the most effect time to reach the greatest amount of people with your posts.

There is many great easy to use tools online that can help you manage multiple social media accounts and allow you to schedule multiple posts to update at the specified times.  Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are the two most popular management tools at the moment, but more do exist.  I currently like Hootsuite because of the ability to schedule posts for Twitterand Facebook.  On the other side, Tweetdeck makes it visually easier for myself to create multiple lists and follow each one.

The success of social media is focusing in what and how you want to accomplish the purpose for your organization and providing enough time to manage it.  The author of this article, Ashley Zeckman asks the readers to consider these 4 tasks for better focus on social media.

  • What are your top 3 social media goals and do you have a plan for reaching them?
  • How much time can you dedicate each day to using tactics to reach these goals?
  • What steps can you take to improve your focus while completing social media activities?
  • Which type of tool: curation, aggregator, or social bookmarking can you use to help save time?

Consider these tips and tool to achieve your overall goal and purpose in the online social media world.



2 thoughts on “Optimize Your Social Media

  1. Great post nick. I think this is relevant very much relevant to our class. I liked the tips on using twitter. For example, you mentioned 5pm is the best time to tweet and retweet subjects.

    • Nicholas says:

      Yeah I did enjoy this article. The author points out great tips for social media success. I didnt know that 5pm was the best time to tweet and retweet either.

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