It’s All About The Love

Yesterday was a big day for the Fifth Street Public Market.  Not only was it the Superbowl, but also a very beneficial and loving event called Love At First Sight that was at the Curious K9 Boutique and Salon.  Love At First Sight is a new event hosted by Curious K9 and all the proceeds benefit the Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene, Oregon.

This is a great affair for all the canines out there, who want to join in with all the Valentines Day love that is in the air.  Even owners consider their pets as a Valentine and what isn’t better than getting photographed with them?  The cost is only $15 and $20 for the ones that need a quick nail trimming prior to their photo session.

This type of occasion really builds a strong business reputation for Curious K9 and for the Greenhill Humane Society.  These two great organize really can demonstrate their missions and objectives with the positive PR they receive by the public eye.

This event brings the entire dog lovers in the community together to really showcase how important the overall mission is for Greenhill and that donations are needed for their overall success of being able to treat, heal and find loving homes for all their animals.

Fifth Street Public Market incorporated this event into their overall “Feel The Love” campaign.  The first two weeks of this month focuses in on the heart with Love At First Sight; pet valentine photos.  The second occasion is Love At First Bite; an event for dinner seeking lovebirds.  The final one is Love is in the Cards; a special gift card that is great for any occasion.

The PR used in this entire campaign was shown in the use of social media, e-blast marketing and the use of large signage throughout the entire center.  The use of social media was an essential tool because it is the front door and allows people to enter into the market and stay connected with all the events.

Multiple posts on Fifth Street, Curious K9 and Greenhill are shown on their Facebook pages, linking one another and really emphasizing how great this event is for the entire community.

Just another reason how powerful the world of social media and Public Relations are for small, medium and large organizations with a mission and goal for a positive outcome. Social media gives people a sense of a community online and builds the true market connection to the community.


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