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The Importance of Social Media

Social Media has grown from more than just a place to connect with friends, but a place for businesses, charities, music artists, and special events to market towards their target audiences.  Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular web 2.0 tools used by organizations currently.  According to the article Social Media-part of Your Web Strategyauthor Robert Gibson states that, “one minute of every eight spent on the internet, is spent on Facebook.”

Major organizations have realized the importance of building an online presence and positive reputation with their readers and audiences.  Creating quality content with useful information is what drives their positive feedback and audiences.  The author emphasis the importance of PR with social media.  Businesses need to remember that it is important to build a social aspect with their online presence.  That is why we call it social media.

Social media allows people to build a fan page where fans can comment on news, events and how they can relate.  Currently, I am an intern at Fifth Street Public Market.  I am in charge of building a stronger social media presence online.  One important factor I have learned is building a strong fan base and the quality that I provide to the followers.  I have grown and doubled the fan base to around 1,250  and the numbers seem to keep increasing.

Building the markets online presence has been accomplished by remembering to create a social atmosphere and interactive community.  Commenting and responding is essential.  It shows people that you are listening and it is a place they can go for information that they are seeking.  The incentive of “liking” the fan page is the news, special events, and promotional giveaways.  This is how many businesses are building a strong online connection.

Just like the author emphasized in the article, “You need to do the work, in building up a base of followers, and in presenting content. More than anything else, to be consistent. This doesn’t mean tweeting or posting about every little thing. In fact, that may be the worst thing you can do. On the other hand, even if your message is a serious one, you must remember to ENTERTAIN your followers now and again. Just like life, it’s about balance.” (Gibson)

Finding the right balance between the quantity and the quality of posts is important for being successful in gaining followers and not losing your them.

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One Big Truffle Weekend



The 7th annual Oregon Truffle Festival was held this weekend at the Hilton Eugene and Conference Center in downtown Eugene.   When someone thinks of a truffle, one probably relates it to a savory piece of sweet and creamy chocolate.  In this case, this event features the finest in regional wines, cheeses, meats, chocolate and the famous Oregon Truffle.  

The Oregon Truffle is a type of mushroom consisting of many varieties that are used by many skilled local chefs.  The Oregon Truffle Festival was a huge event that created a lot of PR for many local chefs, restaurants, wineries, supporters and sponsors.  

The Public Relations aspect of this festival is shown through the eyes of the presenting sponsors and co sponsors.  Major Oregon companies include The Hilton Eugene, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Sweet Cheeks Winery, Travel Lane County, and VOX Public Relations; a local PR firm in Eugene and Portland.


Social media was a crucial aspect of The Truffle Festival.  It featured many hashtags on Twitter using #ORTruffleFest, #truffle, and #trufflefest.  The amount of people hashtaging on Twitter and posting photos using Instagram via their smartphones provided live updates that emphasized the amount of excitement that the event featured for many people.  

The Hilton, a well known hotel organization, hosted the banquet space and hotel accommodations for the 400 attendees.  The PR received for this event, not only help drive traffic to social media platforms, but also showcased the hotel and the entire community of Eugene as a special destination.  

The festival emphasized the how special and unique the state of Oregon truly is showcasing one of Eugene’s local chef and owner of Marché Restaurant at the Fifth Street Public Market. 

The 2012 Oregon Truffle Festival celebrated many aspects of how unique Oregon wines, foods, and 


chefs are dedicated to sharing their experience with the “fans of Oregon’s wild truffles, from their hidden source in the forest to their glory on the table.” -Oregon Truffle Festival.


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Tracktown USA

Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon. Known as Tracktown USA.  The city lies about 2 hours south of Portland, Oregon.  Known for its outdoor beauty, recreational activities like biking and hiking, political views and various alternative lifestyles; Eugene has built its reputation on building a sustainable, local community.

The purpose of my blog is to help share all the great aspects that Eugene has to offer to people. Various topics will include community events, places to visit and great restaurants to eat at.  I am eager to start blogging and I hope you can find some of this information useful to your needs.  Please feel free share your comments and suggestions. Go Ducks!









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